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Sandro Rueegger


Address :
Bellerivestrasse 3, CH-8008 Zurich
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+41 43 499 12 50
Sandro Rueegger

After his career in marketing and PR with Swissair in New York, further management positions in the tourism industry and several years as an independent insurance consultant, Sandro Rüegger went into the media business in 1998, holding various executive functions with well-known media enterprises, such as Jean Frey AG (today: Axel Springer Switzerland AG) and Tamedia AG. Being regularly involved in specifically team-related restructuring tasks, he also built up business divisions, managed group-wide key account units and held training functions. As a member of the Jean Frey AG Management Board, he made substantial contributions to the successful turnaround of the group. In his last career step he held the position of Managing Director of Weltwoche Verlags AG. Sandro Rüegger was a member of various expert boards within the Swiss Media Association, and during 10 years he was a specialized expert at the federal diploma examinations for marketing and communications. In our company, Sandro Rüegger focuses on the media/communications, transport, leisure and tourism, retail and service sectors, among others.

Sandro Rueegger