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Nadia Tortel-Ubaysi

Managing Partner

Address :
40, rue la PĂ©rouse, 75116 Paris
Tel :
+33 (0) 1 53 64 77 77
Nadia Tortel-Ubaysi

A French national born and raised in Kuwait, Nadia graduated in 1994 from Dauphine University in Paris with a Master’s degree in Financial Markets. She began her career at AXA Asset Management where she was in charge of Fixed Income portfolio management. She then moved to Robeco Gestions and helped to establish its French asset management activity in Paris.

In 1999, Nadia joined Singer & Hamilton as a Consultant. She became a Partner in 2002 and was appointed Managing Partner in 2011. She heads the Capital Markets and Asset Management (bank, insurance and real estate) practice, which she has developed for more than ten years.

Outside of work, Nadia dedicates her time to her three children and pursues her passion for the Martial Arts (Kyokushinkai Karate).She has been practicing this sport for more than 25 years and has competed at a global level. She is also actively involved in a charity to support and encourage the integration of young people into the community. Nadia is fluent in English and Arabic. 

Nadia Tortel-Ubaysi