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Thank you to the latest anonymous person who has written wonderful and very kind book review of 'Career Karma - Maximising your career potential'on Amazon over night. What a lovely Friday present to hear how someone has benefited from reading my little work:

"I read this book for the first time, when I got to know that I was not successful for an internal position, which I was so confident of my suitability. After unsuccessful attempts of applying for various jobs for 3 months, decided to buy this book and read.

Being a finance professional used to read lengthy text books and annual reports, I was really surprised by the size of the book and amazingly practical content. James has demonstrated his suggested approaches in a very simple and logical manner.

Even though the proper practice of Career Karma would take life long practice, I have initiated few suggestions by the book before applying for my next job. I have stated to get back to LinkedIn and refreshed my long forgotten contacts, informed my contacts that I am seeing a new employment. Made minor changes to my LinkedIn profile (not even closer to what James suggesting in the book), threw my professionally written $100 resume in to the bin.

After reading Career Karma I had all the confidence to realise that I am the best person to write my resume. I have also followed Career Karma suggested cover letter style.

What a surprise, I have been called for 3 interviews within first week. I have secured an employment with an employer, I always wanted to work for.

Thank you James for sharing your expertise and wealth of experience through Career Karma. Your book has given me all the confidence that I am capable of reaching my ultimate Career Goals within shortest possible time frame just by practising Career Karma"

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