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Position: Director, Strategy and Business Development

Smart Solutions for Distributed Networks

Remote monitoring, access and control from anywhere anytime


The Company

Opengear (www.opengear.com) is a profitable, double-digit annual growth technology provider that enables technical staff to provision, maintain and repair infrastructure from anywhere at any time, as if they were physically present, drastically reducing both operational costs and the risk of downtime.

Opengear solutions deliver true out-of-band management, always-available wired and wireless secure remote access, proactive monitoring and automated response capabilities.


Opengear designs, manufactures, and delivers remote infrastructure management solutions. It offers data center infrastructure management solutions, such as console server solutions that provide secure in-band and out-of-band access to manage data centers and colocation sites; manage serial, USB, and network console ports; monitor environment; control UPS systems and PDUs; and alert and auto respond. The company also provides remote site management solutions that allow users to monitor, access, and control various infrastructure, such as applications and computers at the local or remote site; networking equipment, security cameras, and power supplies; and down to door sensors, and temperature and digital I/O. In addition, it offers environmental monitoring and alerting solutions for managing changes in environmental conditions in computer rooms and remote sites; and central management solutions, including virtual and physical appliances to securely manage distributed infrastructure, and access locations without public IP. The company sells its products through its online stores in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and internationally; and distributors worldwide. Opengear, Inc. was founded in 2004 in Brisbane, Australia and has operations in Sandy, Utah, and sales offices in Slough, United Kingdom. Currently, R&D operations remain based primarily in Brisbane, Australia.

The Position

The Director, Strategy and Business Development will spearhead business development initiatives which identify market, technology and partnership opportunities in infrastructure management that match Opengear’s strengths, work internally with the executive, product and marketing teams to refine the company’s strategic direction, and translate this direction into growth actions that create long-term value.

Highlights of the new Director, Strategy and Business Development’s track record and experience will include the following:


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