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From Everything is Negotiable - TO THE ART OF POSSIBILITIES

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In my previous article I had mentioned that what if Donald Trump had used the words Art of Possibilities instead of Everything is Negotiable ....and today when I write this ....he has made the statement come true (so what if its the worst nightmare come true for the Republican establishment) - In his case what he has made possible comes by just repeating some of the same words and language at every stump speech across the US of A..."I love....",  " ..... are good people", "____pay to build the wall" and on and on.

Don't get me wrong - I am not saying that the art of possibilities is thus to be repetitive...No far from it. But yes I do say that anything is possible if one truly believes in the Self.  

Self Belief is the starting point in mastering the Art. But then most of us believe that surely we would 'believe in our own capabilities' or 'non-capabilities' (the latter is part of self belief correct?) so how does that help me move on to the next level or even get to the finish. Now here is the catch - in this Art of Possibilities the start and finish lines are the same....if you start with positive Self Belief that itself will help you to achieve or work towards your goal and it would be thus, the same self belief that will great you at the destination point you chose to stop at..may that be on achievement or at any mid point of your goal. Think about it!

Some may need to take the help of professional coaches or go thru formal training programs like the Core Identity Learning that we at KTA conduct to develop a enhanced "Self Belief" that at the end of the day the Art of Possibilities is a state of mind ...which am sure each one of you reading this article has. So now can you recollect when was the last time you used the "self belief" to really do or get something you so so much wanted?  And that you made it Possible only due to believing in yourself!!!

And as Trump now goes about his next moves towards his Presidential bid in reaching the White House, his Possible Goal,  it would be great to see how you use your Self Belief in reaching yours and in the process, successfully mastering the Art of Possibilities. 

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