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Summer Marketing & Research Intern

WHAT WE DO: We build executive teams. Common slang? Headhunter. Lofty term? Executive search consultants.

WHAT WE NEED: A creative, self-directed, curious, marketing and market research focused intern. Our goal for this role?  To map how we can best market into what we call the “gray space” with prospective clients.

WHERE WE ARE: We’re located in Back Bay, at the corner of Newbury and Clarendon. If you’re T-accessible, so are we (Green line Arlington or Copley stop, Orange, Back Bay stop).

WHO YOU ARE: Here is what you’re probably interested in, like thinking about, and are wired as—

  • You like to figure out how things work.  Or why things are the way they are.  Think investigative reporter.
  • OK, if you’re the right type of person, you’ve looked this up and dropped  it into casual conversation within the next 48 hours
  • Self-directed. This is a role that will be given direction, but broad latitude to accomplish on one’s own.
  • Thirst for learning.
  • A budding pundit. Not only do you like words, but you like to write.  Not long tomes or deep research abstracts, but pithy, meaningful, insights-driven stuff.  Think short stories.  Something between haiku and novella.  You’ve written at least one tweet in iambic pentameter just for fun.  You’ve blogged on life observations or your synthesis of current events.
  • You love the intersection of marketing, and market research. Finding a theme or insight, and then crystalizing, prepping, and disseminating it across the appropriate spectrum of social media tools


  • This is a paid internship
  • This could be as few as 2 days a week, as many as 4 or 5
  • The internship will run June-August, with the opportunity to continue in a part time role, if desired by both parties, throughout the school year
  • You do not need to do all work in our office. However, you will need to spend at least half your time in the office, therefore you should be accessible to Back Bay to spend between 1 and 2 days a week there
  • This role is conceptualized as a summer sojourn for college or graduate school students, not a full time role. Therefore, if full time work is what you seek, please respect the spirit of the need and pass up the urge to apply.

In your response, please include:

Social media coordinates for your work (blog URL, twitter handle), and any market research samples you wish us to review.

Please direct all responses to our online portal at http://jobs.bostonsearchgroup.com/. Click on the link labeled “BSG Marketing Summer Intern”, and attach your resume, cover note, and contact information there.

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