A huge thank you to the anonymous reviewer who has just left a 5 Star review for my book 'Career Karma - Maximising your career potential' on Amazon.Com

It reads:

James has been so kind to provide insights into job application and career transitions from his extensive experience. What I loved about this book is his explanation of how to use current methods in contemporary times to fulfill your career ambitions. Whether entering the job market or making career transitions, James explains the processes in a manner that is not technical, whilst at the same time motivating you to follow his recommendations. Most recruiters espouse a lot, but James certainly demonstrates his caring by writing this book.

Trust me when I say that as an author the best present you can ever receive is a good review. So thank you 'Anonymous'.

It obviously goes without saying that if you too have read the book and you liked it, please do leave a review and I shall be forever in your debt!


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